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Evil Geniuses CS:GO Coach ImAPet Shares His Opinion About Gen.G Esports



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Chet “ImAPet” Singh is a 23-year-old American CS:GO coach and analyst who has been working for Evil Geniuses since September 2019. Before that, he was representing NRG Esports jersey.

A few days ago, during the talk with, ImAPet has shared his thoughts about Gen.G Esports after their victory at DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020. asked:

“Going a little off-topic, another great friend of yours is daps, who just won Anaheim with Gen.G. What did you think of their run, if you watched it?”

ImAPet replied:

“I actually watched the whole tournament from Gen.G’s games and I even followed them through the open qualifier and the closed qualifier. Yeah, daps is a great friend of mine and I’m happy that he won, it’s really good for him, and I hope he keeps it up. Their team was playing pretty well, I’m pretty happy for s0m, too, he’s playing at a much higher level than he used to, maybe because he has the structure of a real IGL.”

He added:

“Same with BnTeT, and Tim seems to be getting back in form, as well, he’s actually looking like a really scary AWPer, so as long as they all keep improving and daps gets his way, they should be rising to the top 10 at least.”

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