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Evil Geniuses CS:GO Coach ImAPet To Valve: “Are You Out Of Your Minds?”



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One of the talented coaches in the Counter-Strike scene, Chet Singh, known as “ImAPet,” is a 23-year-old American coach who has been working for Evil Geniuses since September 2019. Previously, he was coaching for NRG Esports.

ImAPet has shared a new update on his official Twitter account yesterday and made a statement about the major in Rio. As you might already know, Valve decided to postpone the major in further date because of the coronavirus concern and increased the prize pool of the tournament with $1.000.000.

After delaying the tournament to November, ImAPet stated that the teams will never maintain the current roster for over six months. Because of that, he said that Valve should change the roster rules for the upcoming major.

Here is what ImAPet wrote:

“Valve have to be out of their minds expecting people to maintain the same roster restrictions until the next major. How do you not consider the possibility of adjusting your rules along within the circumstances?”

A fan named Matthew replied:

“Leaked EG roster move MonkaS.”

ImAPet replied:

“That’s not what I’m saying at all, just insane they expect all 14 teams to live by those rules.”

Another fan user named Curt added this comment:

“ESL said in the post they would be making more announcements and updates regarding the major and participants, but I imagine this is all undergoing a revamp to make up for a major. With the current state of everything I don’t think an announcement will be anytime soon tho.”

You can check the tweets below.

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