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Evil Geniuses CS:GO Player Tarik Thinks Counter-Strike Is Evolving



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Tarik “tarik” Celik is a 23-year-old American/Turkish CS:GO player who had played for teams like Cloud9, MIBR, SK Gaming and more. Since 26 September 2019, he has been playing for EvilGeniuses. Also, he is the player who leads the Cloud9 which is the first American team to win the first Major at the ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018.

On 28 November, during the interview with, Tarik shared his opinion about the Krieg meta and the new changes for the guns. asked:

“The new patch came in that changed the price of the SG, Galil and Famas, most importantly. Do you think that played any importance in how this game played out?”

Tarik replied:

“It is hard to say for us because we really gotten to practice on this patch that much. We don’t really have too much experience on it, in all honesty. But I think it is always fun and interesting to try out these new meta changes with now the Galil and Famas being a little bit buffed an lowered in price. In my opinion, it is nice to see different shifts in the meta of CS.”

He added:

 “It was pretty common for a long time that it was just the M4 and the AK, so I think it adds a bit of excitement. It definitely doesn’t benefit us right now because we haven’t got to practice it but I think it will be fine, we can adjust as we go.”

“Do you think lowering the prices of these guns is a step in the right direction for CS, making them more affordable and then presumably having more buys in the game?”

Tarik said:

“I don’t think we should just always have insane, crazy rounds throughout the match. I heard SPUNJ say something along the lines of “if every round is exciting, then nothing will be exciting anymore”. I completely agree with that, but I think it is nice to introduce guns into the game that haven’t been used as much before so that there is variety. I don’t think we should only use the M4 and the AK. Even though that is how Counter-Strike has always been, I think the game has to evolve and there has to be different stuff coming in to the meta, other guns and stuff like that.”

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