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Evil Geniuses Player Gotcha Says Ubisoft Should Remove These Things From The Rainbow Six Siege



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Aaron Chung, known as “Gotcha,” is an American Rainbow Six Siege coach/player who had coached for Evil Geniuses and Team SoloMid in the past. Currently, he has been playing for Evil Geniuses since November 2019.

On 18th January 2020, Gotcha said that Ubisoft should remove client-sided debris/bodies, bullet holes and deployable shields with window slits.

Here is what Gotcha said:

“3 things I hope they remove from Siege 1. Client sided debris/bodies 2. Bullet holes 3. New deployable shields with window slits”

A fan named Matt replied:

“How to remove bullet holes tho? So it’s like pew pew, nothing. Dunk a whole mag and there is a huge hole? Bruh that’s very unlikely to be removed imo”

Another fan named Steel replied:

“How would they remove bullet holes it’s a mechanic that makes sense for the most part”

You can read his tweet below.

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