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Evil Geniuses Rainbow Six Siege Coach Gotcha Reacts To The New Operators



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On 18 August, Ubisoft revealed the new operation name called Operation Ember Rise with 2 brand new operators: Amaru and Goyo. Amaru is an attacker who has Garra Hook as a special ability and Goyo is a defender who has explosive Volcan Shields. After Aaron “Gotcha” Chung saw these operators, he shared his opinion about this operation.

Gotcha said:

“I really like the direction Ubisoft is taking with new operators. Goyo and Amaru look like situational ops more so than MUST picks, that’s exactly what every new operator should feel like. Powercreep sucks, thankfully Warden and Nokk + now Goyo and Amaru don’t do that.”

You can check his tweet below.

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