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Evil Geniuses Rainbow Six Siege Coach Reveals The Tip That Make Your Spot Guaranteed



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Former Rainbow Six Siege player and currently coaching for Evil Geniuses Aaron “Gotcha” Chung revealed the basic tip that everybody misses. On 14 May, he tweeted about practicing and trying to be a better player is will be secure professional players spot on the team.

Gotcha said:

“My thoughts on roster changes and player changes: unless you remain an invaluable and irreplaceable player, there is always the possibility of getting dropped. On any competitive team there’s no guaranteed spots. You want to keep your spot? Earn it daily in practice and gamedays”

He added:

“I’ve been saying this for quite a while since I was in challenger league. Teams that want to win are gonna make sure every player is giving 100% otherwise what’s the point?”

Former R6 Player and Streamer Z1ronic replied:

“Surely this cannot be a suprise to anyone – as with anything you can be replaced – Its all about having a value to the ppl around you”

Also Xtreme Esports Rainbow Six Siege coach FiskeR agreed with him.

You can check the tweets below.

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