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Evil Geniuses Will Play With Academy Jungler Contractz Against Team SoloMid



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Evil Geniuses has been lacking to perform in LCS Summer 2021 from the first week, and they have been playing so inconsistent in the matches. They lost all of their matches in the first week but won against Team Liquid and Immortals in the second week.

Even though the roster played well against Cloud9 and got a victory in the first match of week three, they lost against Counter Logic Gaming somehow. And yesterday, Evil Geniuses lost against Team Liquid in the first match of week four.

Following such results, Evil Geniuses wanted to try out a new player to see if he could perform and decided to promote their jungler Juan “Contractz” Artruro Garcia instead of Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen against today’s match versus Team SoloMid.

Contractz is one of the greatest junglers if not the best in the academy league, and he is one of the key players for Evil Geniuses Academy. Because of that, the organization wanted to give him a chance in LCS to see if he could perform among the best players.

Furthermore, the organization announced that this will be only a one-time change for today’s match and stated that Svenskeren is still their main jungler, who will be returning in Sunday’s match against Dignitas.

Head Coach of Evil Geniuses, Peter Dun announced:

“EG will be starting Juan “Contractz” Garcia against TSM this Saturday in LCS. Juan has consistently been the best jungler (if not the best overall player) in Proving Grounds play in 2021, with several impressive carry performances for EG Academy. We believe he deserves his opportunity to play on the LCS stage, and are excited as an org to see how he will do.

Svenskeren has had a strong Summer split so far both individually and through the intangibles he offers outside the game. Although we will be using Juan vs TSM, Dennis remains our starting jungler, and we look forward to seeing him back against Dignitas on Sunday. “

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