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Evil Geniuses’s Coach Gotcha Reveals His Idea to Balance Rainbow Six Siege – Here is the Siege Community’s Reaction



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Aaron “Gotcha” Chung, coaching for EG since 12 October 2018. On 31 March, he tweeted that Ubisoft should nerf Echo/Maestro.

Gotcha said:

“Simple idea to balance Echo/Maestro for competitive play: Give Maestro 1 maestro cam and give Echo 1 drone. Maestro has way too much utility with two bulletproofs and barb/shield + his guns and you almost have to bring IQ to get rid of an invisible drone. Echo didnt’ need a buff”

Former Team Secret player Ryan “Lacky” Stapley said:

“IMO, the only reason Echo got a 2nd drone was because they wanted Maestro to have two cameras but it would leave Echo the 100% weaker choice in all scenarios. Echo didn’t need the buff and Maestro is too strong as he hasn’t got enough counters you can reliably take in a lineup.”

Manager of Team Rogue, Tristan “Ranger” Pehrson replied to Gotcha:

“Agreed. Maestro gun is too strong + his ability puts too much tax on attackers utility. Have to save 2x soft breach which removes flexibility. Nerf to 1 cam. Echo provides the strongest info in the game, 2x invisible cameras + plant denial on the side. Nerf to 1 drone.”

Gotcha repied:

“Not to mention Maestro’s shotgun pistol able to make a bunch of holes too xD It’s like there’s literally 0 downside to picking Maestro. insane gun, Fantastic utility, shotgun pistol.”


“Probably the single best all around operator in Siege right now. Has everything DEF looks for: Info, Denial, Gun, Prep, Wire. Only thing he lacks is C4.”

Gotcha said:

“Maestro with C4 would be very balanced”

Ranger replied:

“Ummm @GotchaR6 i thinks it time to go to the hospital… something is wrong”

You can check the tweets below.


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