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Ex-100 Thieves CS:GO Player Jkaem Joins Apeks As He Returns To The Homeland



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Joakim Myrbostad, known as “Jkaem,” is a 26-year-old Norwegian CS:GO player who had been representing the 100 Thieves brand for a year. Before that, he was playing for Renegades.

After Nadeshot announced that 100 Thieves is going to quit from the CS:GO scene, he also revealed that IEM New York 2020 – North America will be the last tournament of the roster. And the team managed to reach out to the finals and lost against Furia Esports.

Later on, Apeks announced on the official Twitter account yesterday that they agreed with Jkaem for their roster and made their fans so excited with such a huge signing. Also, Jkaem shared his feelings on his Twitter account.

Jkaem stated that he is so happy to join Apeks and return back to home after a long time to compete with the best Norwegian organization in the world. Also, Jkaem said that he will do everything he can to bring this team up to the high-level of Counter-Strike.

Here is the announcement from Apeks:

“We are very happy to announce our fifth player in the CS:GO-roster. Say hello to jkaem! Welcomes home! 😎”

Jkaem wrote:

“Happy to announce that I have signed with Apeks ✍️

Returning back home to compete for the best Norwegian team, and do everything I can to bring this team up to new heights made this very tempting! Excited for the upcoming months!”

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