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Ex-Cloud9 CS:GO Player Devastated After The Death Of A Family Member



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Former CS:GO player and legendary analyst Sean “seangares” Gares is a 31-year-old former player who had played for teams like Cloud9, Team SoloMid, Echo Fox, and many more. Currently, he is a freelance analyst for the tournaments.

Sean has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and announced that his lovely dog, Bear, has passed away after fifteen years of living with them. Sean seemed devastated after this loss and saddened the whole community.

Here is what Sean Gares wrote:

“RIP Bear (2005-2020). The goodest boy I could’ve ever asked for. 😭”

Team Liquid member Mendo replied:

“So sorry man, he looks like a real good boy.”

Famous FPL player Lobanjica said:

“Can only imagine how u feel man, very sorry for your loss! Hope you get a new dog fast, I think it might help a bit. Stay safe!”

You can read the tweet below.

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