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Ex-Complexity Gaming CS:GO Player oBo Explains Why He Left The Roster



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Owen Schlatter, knows as “oBo,” is a 17-year-old American CS:GO player who had been playing for Complexity Gaming since June 2019. In last month, he decided to left the roster.

oBo spoke in a recent interview with and revealed the reason why he left the roster even after having a good form as a team.

In the conversation, oBo cleared the air about the situation and stated that the team didn’t show any signs of returning back to the United States, and he didn’t have so much comfort in the Europe, far away from home and his parents.

Furthermore, oBo mentioned that it became more clear that moving to the Europe is a more permanent situation and there was no reason to believe that team is going back to the United States in near feature, and that’s why he decided to left the team.

Interviewer asked:

“In a statement, you explained that it seemed like there was “no end in sight” to living in Europe. Why did you feel that was the case?”

Here is what oBo said:

“The team showed no interest in ever returning to America, and I don’t blame them. They are comfortable at home with their families during this unprecedented time. As the year went on, it was becoming more and more apparent that this was a permanent living situation rather than a temporary one. I was given zero reason to believe that things would change any time soon, if ever.”

Interviewer asked:

“According to Jason Lake, you had initially informed Complexity that you would finish out the ESL Pro League season with them, but ended up leaving ahead of the playoffs. What led to that sudden departure?”

oBo replied:

“With civil unrest and inevitable lockdowns returning to the UK, I was not willing to risk being trapped in a foreign country. I never signed up to live in a foreign continent indefinitely, and after many months of uncertainty I made the very difficult decision.

When I gave the news, the team had over a week to find a player for the upcoming EPL matches. I wish I could have given the team more time, but if I waited any longer I would only be wasting precious time for them to find a suitable replacement.”

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