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Ex-CS:GO Player nitr0 Explains Why He Joined 100 Thieves’ Valorant Roster: “Hiko Is The Main Reason”



25-year-old American former CS:GO player Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella had been playing for Team Liquid since January 2015. In August 2020, he decided to join 100 Thieves as a Valorant player.

As you might remember, nitr0 led Team Liquid to secure the number one spot in the world in 2019, and they dominated the scene by winning eight high-level tournaments. At the end of the year, things were going bad on Liquid, and nitr0 left the team with the coach, Eric “adreN” Hoag.

After his departure, there were lots of rumors about which team and game nitr0 will play, and he also teased in the interview with ESPN that his next goal is joining the Valorant scene. After a short period, he joined 100 Thieves’ roster alongside Spencer “Hiko” Martin.

nitr0 spoke in a recent interview with ESPN and revealed the main reason why he decided to join 100 Thieves.

In the conversation, nitr0 stated that playing with Spencer “Hiko” Martin is one of the main reasons why he chose to play with the 100 Thieves. Also, nitr0 said that the organization provided them a chance to build their own team, and these are the reasons why he prefer to play under 100 Thieves jersey.

Interviewer, Tyler Erzberger asked:

“What was about 100 Thieves that really brought you onto the team?”

Here is what nitr0 said:

“Just playing with Spencer in the game was the main point. It wasn’t just like the work. Obviously, 100 Thieves probably one of the best organizations out there if not the best, and the opportunity they presented to me was like; we could build their own roster, and that’s never happening in Counter-Strike from my memory.

It’s something really special, and the fact that we can pick our teammates and depending on what agents we want to play, it’s just like a special opportunity for me where we could start from scratch and show our potential as a team.

I think me and Hiko as a core are super strong and it’s such a great opportunity I couldn’t pass it up.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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