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Ex-ENCE CS:GO Player Aerial: “The Atmosphere Is A Lot Better In HAVU”



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Jani Jussila, known as “Aerial,” is a 27-year-old Finnish CS:GO player who has been playing under HAVU Gaming jersey since January 2021. Before that, he was playing for ENCE since April 2018.

Aerial spoke in a recent interview with and talked about the topics that raised his performance in less than four months with HAVU Gaming.

In the conversation, Aerial mentioned that he has been watching their demo’s a lot this time and said that the atmosphere is a lot better in HAVU compared to ENCE, which makes him more comfortable. Also, getting his confidence back is one of the key reasons.

Here is what Aerial said:

“I started watching a lot of demos of myself and the team. I rarely did this while playing in ENCE. Also, the atmosphere is a lot better in HAVU, which makes me feel comfortable.

But most importantly, getting my confidence back helps massively, I had zero confidence in the latter part when playing in ENCE.”

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