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Ex-MIBR Player FalleN Reveals His Greatest Teammate In FPL – Calyx Agrees



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Gabriel Toledo, known as “FalleN,” is a 29-year-old Brazilian CS:GO player who had been playing under MIBR jersey for over two years. Back in July, he was benched by the organization, and currently, he is rumored to be transferred to Team Liquid.

FalleN took his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed the greatest teammate he ever had in his career in Faceit Pro League, which is a pub that allows professional players to play together or against each other.

In the post, FalleN praised the talent and personality of 30-year-old player Peter “ptr” Gurney and said that he is the best teammate in Faceit Pro League. Also, Team Envy player Calyx agreed with this opinion.

Here is what FalleN said:

“ptr best FPL teammate.”

Calyx replied:

“I can agree with it.”

You can check out the post below.

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