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Ex-Team Liquid CS:GO Player nitr0 Reveals What He Will Do For The Upcoming Days: “I Will Stream!”



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Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella is considered one of the most impactful in-game leaders in the scene. Since January 2015, he had been playing for Team Liquid, and at the start of this month, a 24-year-old player left the roster.

While the departure of nitr0 brought into tears the everybody in the scene, nitr0 revealed his next move in this career on Twitter.

nitr0 stated that he has free time due to the departure from the roster, and he can stream in the near future because of that. Furthermore, he replied to the mastermind, DonHaci, and said that he can’t wait to play Halo Infinite, which will be releasing in late 2020.

Here is what nitr0 said:

“I’ll stream one of these days now that I have time.”

CS:GO personality DonHaci replied:

“Halo Infinite soon…”

nitr0 replied:

“Can’t wait for that! =D”

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