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Extremum CS:GO Player AZR: “Playing The Low-Tier Tournaments Is Demotivating”



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Aaron Ward, known as “AZR,” is a 28-year-old Australian CS:GO player who has been playing for Extremum since January 2021. Before that, he had played for 100 Thieves, Renegades, and more.

AZR spoke in a recent interview with and talked about the difficulties of creating a roster late than everybody else and explained how it feels like to play at the low-tier tournaments.

In the conversation, AZR admitted that playing the online matches in Europe especially attending the low-tier tournaments is demotivating for them because they knew where they were before parting ways with 100 Thieves.

Here is what AZR said:

“I think because we made the roster too late, that slot had gone to another team. That was kind of annoying, not to be straight back into Pro League. Obviously, not playing any tier-one events right now sort of sucks, I guess it is a little bit demotivating compared to what we have been used to in the past.

But we knew coming into Europe we’d have to grind against lower-tier teams and make our way back up.

So coming back to online play, and then coming to Europe and playing the lower-tier tournaments, it is sort of a demotivating factor, I guess you could say.”

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