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FalleN Is Becoming To New IGL Of Team Liquid According To NAF



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Gabriel Toledo, known as “FalleN,” is a 29-year-old Brazilian CS:GO player who has been representing Team Liquid for over a month. Previously, he had played for MIBR, SK Gaming, and many more.

After FalleN joined Liquid, most people thought that he would be the IGL, however, Stewie2k was still the main caller for the roster. But, it seems like this will change in near future. Yesterday, NAF spoke in a recent interview with ESL and talked about what FalleN brought to the team as well as revealing his new role.

In the conversation, NAF stated that they are trying to implement FalleN as their main in-game leader from now and said that FalleN has been helping the team even outside the game to make sure that they are a unit, a team together.

Here is what NAF said:

“The big holes in our team were always that we never had a dedicated AWPer and we never had a dedicated IGL. After our recent performances, we’re trying to implement FalleN as our main IGL now.

FalleN is a lot more experienced with his past on previous teams and the way he plays the game. It brings new ideas and it generates new ideas for us to play and to think about. Outside of the game, he helps a lot with making sure we’re a unit, a team.”

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