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Famous Analyst Thorin Reveals His Dream CS:GO Team



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Duncan Shields, known as “Thorin” is a 36-year-old British analyst and esport historian who has been into the esports scene since 2001. He is working with the organizers like ESL, DreamHack and many more. Also, he is sharing videos on Youtube and working with the

On 14 December, he revealed his dream team and he explains why Astralis are a really good team.

Thorin said:

“Make device and dupreeh into your s1mple and electronic you’ll fail and think them inferior players. Put them in a squad like this, though, and you see all of their strengths and almost none of their weaknesses. Einstein’s fish quote comes to mind.”

He added:

“Besides, this year Magisk has been the guy who frags to keep them in the game along with device.”

A fan named mika replied:

“put s1mple and electronic instead of device and dupreeh and astralis era will never end…”

Another fan, named ömer ihsan replied:

“s1mple is very good player but i think he doesnt fit astralis roster. He is so aggressive for their playstyle.”

You can check the tweets below.

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