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Famous Analyst Thorin Roasts Cloud9



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Duncan Shields, known as “Thorin,” is a 36-year-old British analyst who has ben into Esports scene for over ten years. He is working for tournaments like DreamHack, ESL and many more.

A few days ago, on his official Twitter account, Thorin has slammed Cloud9 and stated that they will never be able to play on the top level.

Here is what Thorin said:

“This C9 line-up will never be a top 10 CS:GO team. Bring in another good piece and we can talk, though.”

He added:

“Sonic, previously their best player, has dropped off a cliff too thusfar this year.”

A fan user named Foreign Gamer:

“I’ve never thought they will be higher than top30. They had one decent showing at EPL and that’s it. People overhyped them so hard. Now when other teams scout and antistrat them the lack of firepower and tactical depth shows”

You can check his tweet below.

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