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Famous Analyts Moses Thinks Team Liquid Must Prove Themselves To Be Best Team In CS:GO



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Most recently, Team Liquid has won the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2019 and getting close to number 1 in the world. Astralis standing still in first place with 992 points and Team Liquid follows with 806 points.

OnFireMoses said:

“I’m confused by people making a big deal about Astralis potentially losing their #1 spot on HLTV rankings Is there anyone who would call Liquid the best team in the world if they achieve the top spot without beating Astralis to get there?”

He continued:

“Like, they’re still gonna get direct invites even if they drop 5 spots. We’re still gonna talk about Astralis as the best team until someone proves they can beat them with some kind of consistency.”

Another analyst and former CS:GO player SPUNJ replied:

“If you aren’t out there to defend the no #1 spot then we might have to start giving out interim titles”

Moses said:

“Yea I get that part just the emphasis on HLTV rankings seems dumb”

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