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Famous Caster Anders Blume Reveals The Biggest Problem Of Vertigo!



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Anders Blume, known as “Anders” is a 33-year-old Danish CS:GO caster who has been working with Room On Fire since 2014. On 10 October, he revealed the biggest problem of the map that hated most in CS:GO scene. He mentioned about how bad is Vertigo for the viewers.

Anders Blume said:

“The problem with Vertigo at least from a casting point of view is that the interval between “nothing is really happening” and “3 people just died in 2 seconds and 2 of them through a smoke” is so short that its very difficult to build a story or even build into that moment”

He added:

“Otherwise I actually don’t mind the map that much, I think it does do something which has never been done before, which is make it interesting to see CT sides losing a lot and trying to remedy that. Cobblestone didn’t accomplish this is my opinion.”

You can read his tweets below.

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