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Famous Caster Interro Is Hopeful Because Of These Changes In Rainbow Six Siege



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Canadian commentator and caster Parker Mackay, known as “Interro” has been casting for ESL since 2017. After his success at the scene, respect and happiness went up. On 20 May after Ubisoft announces a new update about the new ranked mode, Interro tweeted about the changes.

Interro said:

“Removing Hostage and Secure Area from Ranked and making it Bomb-only is something I’m a big fan of. The change will make Ranked more competitive and consistent for every player. The closer Ranked gets to the Pro League settings the better the game will be.”

He added:

“Keeping Secure & Hostage in Ranked means players will have a very different experience with the game than if they solely played Bomb. Their opinions on balancing, from maps to operators, will be shaped by less competitive game modes.”

Interro continued:

“Also, I’d guess that matchmaking is worsened by inconsistencies in players’ ranks across the game modes. A Gold in Hostage may not be a Gold in Bomb. Because of this, gameplay can be frustrating when the teams aren’t balanced. These issues can cause a disconnect among players.”

You can check his tweets below.

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