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Famous Caster Interro Reveals The Changes That He Wants In Rainbow Six Siege



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29-year-old Canadian caster Parker “Interro” Mackay has been working for ESL since 2017. On 19 July, he revealed the changes that he wants to see in the game. He mentioned about balancing Echo, Jackal, Warden, Glaz and shield operators.

Interro said:

Changes I’d like to see Echo:

    • Make Yokai more visible
    • Only Echo can spectate his Yokais


    • Give him P90 + Acog
    • Make his gadget activate faster


    • Footprints disappear faster All shields:

All shields:

  • They must put their shield away in order to use their gun

Interro added:

“I like the buff to Glaz. It’s clear he’s very underpowered at the moment. I think he could fill a solid niche once his numbers are tweaked with. I also like that shield melee isn’t an insta-kill anymore. Both are good changes”

Interro on shield operators:

“They do too much. There’s limited counterplay against them. They can push quickly with little risk; they can land a lucky hipfire shot or ADS when someone isn’t looking; they can melee and knock you down. They need some form of proper drawback.”

You can read the tweets below.

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