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Famous Esport Historian Dissapointed For This Reason



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Duncan “Thorin” Shields is an analyst, esport historian from England. On 7 May, he tweeted about the schedule problems with the Blast Pro Series and ESL One Cologne. This coincidence between these 2 events made teams decide which tournament they want to play. Also Team Liquid isn’t on the team list at ESL One Cologne yet.

Thorin said:

“If Team Liquid are really skipping ESL One Cologne but playing at Blast Pro Series Los Angeles then that is some seriously disappointing shit and it’s time we had a serious discussion about what the fuck the CS:GO tournament circuit even is any more.”

“Events like ESL One Cologne are the life-blood of the scene. It’s literally the most prestigious title after the majors. You’re gonna say “nah, not for me thanks” but then play in a bullshit bo1-fest two day tournament a week later? Fuck outta here.”

You can check his tweets below.

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