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Famous Journalist Thorin Slams Team Vitality – Pro Players Reacts!



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35 years old British esports journalist and analyst Duncan Shields, known as “Thorin” thinks that Vitality played bad on major except “ZywOo” and tweeted about his oppinion on 24 February after match that Vitality lost againts Ninjas in Pyjamas in Major. And 30 years old legend awper Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo from MIBR and 26 years old French riffler and Vitality player Dan “apEX” Madesclaire disagree with him. Also NBK accused Throin for acting diffrent between Twitter and in real life.

Thorin tweeted:

“If you like watching Vitality play then you probably like watching bad Counter-Strike. I get liking to watch Zywoo playing, but the team itself is a joke.”

Fallen replied:

“Come on thoorin, I don’t agree with that one.. they are still a very young team and already doing very good things. Zywoo is great and will continuously learning to be even better. Give them time”

Thorin said:

“That’s rich coming from someone whose only solution to bad rosters has been making player changes.”

“Maybe you should have given tarik and Stewie more time”

NBK replied to Thorin:

“It’s pretty sad that you are such a different person between Twitter and talking in real life. I think that you’re a good person and often has been supportive in private but it would be great to be more moderate online my friend”

You can check the tweets below.


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