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Famous Rainbow Six Siege Caster Interro Reveals Why Teams Are Changing The Rosters



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Parker Mackay, known as “Interro” is a 29-year-old Canadian caster who has been working for Rainbow Six Siege department of ESL. On 24 November, Interro said that roster changings are happening for some reason and people should call the players as a snake.

Interro said:

“It’s usually bittersweet to see players get dropped but stop calling people “snakes” when they make a roster move. Sure, sometimes the title is deserved but most of the time it’s simply a business decision. Teams want to win. Sometimes you need to cut a player or two to improve.”

He added:

“I get that fans react emotionally to roster changes. It stings when your favourite player gets dropped. But try to keep in mind that roster moves are usually done for a reason. Sometimes two players don’t get along, or there’s drama behind the scenes that we never hear about.”

You can check his tweets below.

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