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Famous Rainbow Six Siege Caster Interro Says Former Players Should Join Him



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One of the best casters in the world is Parker “Interro” Mackay who is a 29-year-old Canadian caster that has been working for ESL since 2017. In his career, he cast tournaments like United States Nationals 2019, Pro League Season 10 Finals, Six Major Raleigh 2019 and many more.

On 11th January 2020, he said that former players should join him and start new career in casting.

Here is what Interro said:

“As more pros start retiring from R6, I hope some try their hand as broadcast talent. The insight that players bring to a desk or to casting is unrivaled. Both ad9m & jOOnas spring to mind as former players that I feel would excel on-camera. I could see both doing well on a desk.”

He added:

“There are a number of pros, currently competing & retired, that I think would bring a unique personality to a broadcast. There’s no shame in realizing you’d be better as a caster or analyst than as a player. I hope many of them show interest when the time comes”

DarkZero Esports coach BKN replied:

“I will cast alongside you one day”

You can check the tweets below.

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