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Famous Rainbow Six Siege Player jNSzki Reveals Why He Is Retiring



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26-year-old Finnish Rainbow Six Siege player Joonas Savolainen, known as “jNSzki” had played for teams like GiFu Esports, PENTA, G2 Esports and Mousesports. After 3 years competitive in Rainbow Six Siege, he decided to leave the scene on 31 October. Also, he explained that he is not enjoying the play anymore.

jNSzki said:

“Farewell! I cant say is will miss you Siege. It was a good run and everything comes to end at some point. Now towards new things”

Team Reciprocity player LaXinG replied:

“I wouldn’t give up personally, you have many accolades to be proud of and want to keep going. Personally I know what it’s like getting relegated and it’s fucking the worst feeling, but you’re talented and can still do something worth your while with siege. I believe in you and obviously if it’s just something you’ve been wanting to do then obviously best of luck, and it was pleasure competing against you and again best of luck.”

jNSzki replied:

“I dont enjoy playing anymore. Thats it. I was going to quit after I got booted but thought that it isnt the way. I rather lose like this than give up completely without fighting”

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