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Famous Rainbow Six Siege Player Macie Jay Thinks Reverse Friendly Fire Should Reworked



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Macie Jay is a full-time streamer that everybody loves because of his intelligences, great personality and a calm environment on his channel. On 16 May, he shared a game clip about the reverse friendly fire on Rainbow Six Siege.

Macie Jay said:

“Reverse friendly fire is great and all but I think it should not be activated when downing a teammate, especially on the 1st offense. There isn’t even a chance for the “victim” to forgive you before you’re dead. Had an unfortunate loss that was dictated by RFF today.”

Another streamer TheGodlyNoob replied:

“I’ve been saying this every stream now but they needed to activate RFF only on VOTE, not the opposite which is auto activate RFF and remove it on vote.”

You can check the tweets and watch the clip from below.

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