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Famous Streamer KingGeorge Reveals His Thoughts About The New Operation: Operation Ember Rise



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George Kassa, known as “KingGeorge” is an American former Rainbow Six Siege player who had played for teams like FlipSid3 Tactics, Rogue, Vertical Gaming and many more. After 2018, he retired from the competitive scene and started streaming. On 20 August, he shared his opinion about the new patch notes and new operation: Operation Ember Rise

KingGeorge said:

“I just played the new patch for 14hrs. =/- + New ops, cool gadgets very fun! + Machine pistols have way less recoil. + New Kanal is fun to start. – There is some type of scope bobing when you ads in, hopefully it is fixed. – Remove 1 shield Goyo. Great job to Ubi on the patch!”

You can read his tweet below.

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