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Famous Streamer Macie Jay Wants A Special Community For Himself



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Macie Jay is a streamer that everybody loves, especially Rainbow Six Siege community. Last month while he was playing Siege, he got 3.500 peek viewers. On 15 May, he tweeted about the worst part of Rainbow Six Siege community.

Macie Jay said:

“It’s so disheartening losing 75% of my viewers the moment I switch off of Siege; my goal right now as a streamer is to build a Macie Jay community rather than a Siege community on Twitch. It just scares me knowingly tanking my channel in the meantime on hopes that I’ll get there.”

Professional player Ville “sha77e” Palola replied:

“Obviously i dont have as nearly as big stream as your’s , but i feel you friend. When i change from Siege to anything else, 80-90% of viewer’s just vanish and chat is usually going “play siege”

Famous Caster KIXTAr said:

“The more you do it the less it’ll hit you. Don’t look at your numbers when changing game and focus on those first 30 mins being knock out entertaining. Try to acclimate your viewers to what you’re doing. Explain what the goal is. Explain how the game works.”

You can read the tweets below.

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