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Famous Streamer summit1g Thinks PUBG Is Not An Esport – Also He Prefers PUBG to Fortnite



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32 year old Streamer/Former CS:GO player Jaryd Lazar, known as summit1g used to play for teams like subtLe, Mythic and more. He left competitive CS:GO scene in 2018 and decided to be a full-time streamer. On 6 May, summit tweeted about the pleasure of watching Esports and also he said that PUBG is not Esport right now because of the less controllable situations.

summit1g said:

“After watching a tournament like Counterstrike or Dota, I don’t understand how ppl like to watch battle royale tourneys. A completely player controlled 1v1 environment on one end, and an RNG shitfest on the other. Just don’t get it.”

Team SoloMid PUBG player BreaK replied:

“The recent PUBG tournies have been unreal man. I think Fortnite looks fucking garbage with the building mechs, but tune into PEL or NPL and just give it a couple of games. It’s in a real good place atm.”

Esport caster SIMMS said:

“i think it’s great how we now have settings and things in place to limit the rng and make it more than manageable.”

summit replied:

“Pubg is aight, but still the same rundown. Loot, camp, overcrowded/unpredictable end game circles, way less controllable situations no matter how good. Just not esport imo. For the record, much better watch than Fort.”

BreaK said:

“The comp circles are slow, teams use vehicles and a lot of smokes to make it in. OR raw skill gets their knock and the move on it. It’s fucking nuts man. Seriously. Some circles are game ending, but they’re not too common now at all.”


“I’ll give one watch one time for once chance of it not sucking. Ok break?!”

You can check the tweets below.

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