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Famous Streamer/Youtuber WackyJacky Criticizes This PUBG Mechanic – Players Opposites Him



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WackyJacky is PUBG player who plays the game while recording it. He has more than 400k subscribers on Youtube and 100k on Twitch. On 18 May, he tweeted about the mechanic that doesn’t think competetive.

WackJacky said:

“The fact that you can “steal” kills by finishing players that another team knocked is stupid and doesn’t feel very competitive imo”

Tempo Storm‘s PUBG Coach MicroStar replied:


Caster SIMMS said:

“kind of why super settings should be default for the public playlists (at the very least FPP)”

Another streamer sprEEEzy replied to WackyJacky:

“The interns in charge of core game mechanics are currently working on keychains.”

Also, Caster Moses said:

“Aside from the implications of changing this after such a long time, my personal view is that stealing kills is in the “spirit” of battle royale just like random crate drops, loot luck, and battling for superior position. I understand the arguments for both, just my opinion.”

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