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Famous Youtuber BikiniBodhi Pisses Off To The Community



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BikiniBodhi has almost 150.000.000 views on Youtube and almost 1 million subscribers. On 26 May, he tweeted about the people that categorize and criticize content creators harshly. He said that every content creator are unique and you should embrace them like that.


“Why is it that in every community, there always sparks up a debate on which creator is the best or whatever? Hey fuckwads, enjoyment is subjective, don’t bash someone for liking different stuff, there’s also no need to go on a tangent why you dislike a creator.”

He added:

“This all came from a reddit-thread I saw just now where they went in on ”comedy r6s youtubers” Yes, we edit our vids to make them funnier, I do it because that’s what I enjoy making/watching myself. If you don’t like that, that’s fine, don’t watch it.”

Bikini shared the Reddit post and said:

But it’s just sad to see someone dedicate 20 minutes of their life making up some shit to tear you down. Here’s the post: If you feel the need to do this go get a life.

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