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Famous Youtuber Rogue-9 Reveals The Best Player In The Rainbow Six Siege



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Rogue-9 is one of the best Youtubers that Siege community has. His mindset and opinions about the game and also community makes him great at his work. For these reasons, he has almost 250.000 subscribers on Youtube. On 1 June, he said that he had a great dinner with the best Rainbow Six Siege player in the world: G2 Esports player Fabian “Fabian” Hallsten

Rogue-9 said:

“Just had a great dinner with the best Siege player in the world. My first time eating Whitefish caviar and my first time eating Moose and both were delicious. Thanks for taking the time to pop over and taking me out @G2_Fabian

Fabian replied:

“Had good fun, the true northern food experience”

You can check the tweets from below.

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