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Far Cry: New Dawn Comes With The Apocalypse!



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Far Cry: The familiar faces in New Dawn will be with us. The new Far Cry game was officially announced at the recent Game Awards event.

Far Cry: New Dawn will play a little more post in an apocalyptic world will pass and many new bad guys, as well as many new weapons, familiar faces and weapons we’re used to be with us again. The game was officially announced as a video in the Game Awards event at first the game surprised everyone.

The game, which has a quite colorful world, will pass in a post-apocalyptic world. We’re going back to Hope County 17 years after a big bomb disaster but what we see will not be good. Far Cry 5‘s beloved character, Boomer, is dead in the video. We won’t be able to see him in the new game.

Far Cry: New Dawn will take a base called Prosperity to the center and you will be able to build something here. The entire map will cover a large area such as a square kilometer.

Far Cry: New Dawn will be sold on Steam and Ubisoft Store on February 15 for approximately 40$.