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Far Cry: New Dawn Guide



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Far Cry: New Dawn is the sequel to Far Cry 5, but the lovers of the first game will realize that many new innovations have come to New DawnFar Cry 5 ended with a nuclear war that destroyed the universe of , and New Dawn gathered in the post-apocalyptic version of Hope district after 17 years.

When all post-apocalyptic changes take place in the Far Cry 5 Foundation, the transition to the New Dawn can be confusing. We’ve tried all new systems and changes to help you get used to super-flowering, to fight down the highway, and to rebuild Hope Country from scratch.

About Ethanol

There are a lot of things you need to collect in Far Cry: New Down, including the processing of all kinds of materials, but most importantly Ethanol, to sustain yourself. The currency you will use, ethanol is something important and you’ll want to get it whenever you want.

You can have ethanol at certain times. In your area you will see it all the time and again, when a plane is flying, leaving a crate parachuting to be collected by certain people.

Pick Up Everything Because Collecting Is Everything

You can call up like  weapons or vehicles, from Prosperity or the benches at outposts; you just have to collect it all first. Make sure you collect everything you can always find. Finding Treasure Hunt as well as attack teams to attack and complete the task provides an additional source of money.

You don’t need to hunt in Far Cry: New Dawn, but it might be useful if you like it. It will provide additional income in terms of raw materials.

Build A More Prosperous Prosperity

Get to know your home base because it’s a very handy place and very useful location.  The Weapons area allows you to produce new weapons, Garage has all your prepared cars, and Infirmary allows you to increase your health. Grace is good to recruit right away in order to increase the capabilities of your Guns For Hire buds.

Bean is also a good choice due to its proximity to prosperity and will help you find intelligence weapons, outposts, story missions and other weapons for hire.