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FaZe Clan Adds Fexx Into PUBG Roster



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Christopher Wheddon, known as “Fexx,” is a 22-year-old British PUBG player who had been playing for Team SoloMid since January 2020. Before that, he was playing for Team GamerLegion.

FaZe Clan decided to change their roster to make a fresh start and parted ways with their long-time member Ivan “ubah” Kapustin back in April. Then, they wanted to try out Fexx for the upcoming events.

Following the successful period of Fexx, FaZe Clan decided to sign an official deal with the British player and announced the addition of Fexx into the PUBG roster via their official Twitter account.

As FaZe welcomed Fexx to the family, other members of the team seemed so happy about this decision. Also, coach of the roster, Didz, mentioned that Fexx’s potential is so scary to think about and praised his new team member.

“Excited to lock in Christopher’s awesome talent and work ethic into FaZe PUBG,” Didz said. “I knew he was good, but his potential is scary to think about… If he’s on another team that is.”

Here is the official announcement from FaZe Clan:

“It’s official! After a successful trial period, please join us in welcoming the newest member of our professional PUBG roster: Fexx.”

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