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FaZe Clan Announces Neo Transfer For The CS:GO Team



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Polish legend Filip “NEO” Kubski is 31 year old CS:GO player. He known for his individual and also teamplay within mindset in the game with VirtusPro. He played in Virtus Pro for 5 years with PashaBiceps, Taz, byali, snaX.

On 13 May, FaZe Clan announced NEO transfer on the team. They were suffered for looking in-game leader by the time, they hope NEO will fix the problems in this area. Also, Adren is leaving the team.

According to FaZe Clan‘s Twitter account:

“Today we welcome Filip “Neo” Kubski, who begins his role as a substitute effective immediately. We’re proud to have such a legend join our roster. @neo_fkubski will be representing us in upcoming tournaments as an IGL”

FaZe Players; Niko said:

“Everyone, please welcome this up and coming talent @neo_fkubski to our team, our first official match is today at 17 CET. @AdreNcs thanks for everything and good luck in the future! And yes, he is going to take over IGL role.”

Rain said:

“Welcome @neo_fkubski to the team. As everyone knows we have been looking for a IGL and unfortunately, @AdreNcs will no longer be playing with us! GL in your future team mr.suka”

Former teammate PashaBiceps said:

“Saturday afternoon , papito fishing. Msg from @neo_fkubski can you talk ? papa calling. Sup my friend ? I have offer from @FaZeClan ! Bices answer , do not look at me my friend it’s your chance. Bring this lady’s to the top top my friend. btw kick someone soon. Ez strat”

Adren on his move:

“Was pleasure to play with the guys from @FaZeClan and win few tournaments! It was good experience for me, always wanted to know how is it to be playing for EU team”

NEO was happy:

“Excited to join @FaZeClan Loads of work ahead!”

Ex pro player-Caster Maniac said:

“That being said @neo_fkubski I’m really happy that you get this opportunity. Now please give it 500%, 1000%, 50’000%. Write some more pages in the incredible book that is your career.”

Former FaZe Clan Player kioShiMa not sure about the NEO transfer:

“not sure about that @FaZeClan

You can check the tweets below.

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