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FaZe Clan Announces Sad CS:GO Roster Changes



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Olof Kajbjer Gustafsson, known as “Olofmeister,” is a 28-year-old Swedish CS:GO player who had been representing FaZe Clan for almost three years. Before that, he was playing for Fnatic since 2014.

Yesterday, Olofmeister made a statement on the official Twitter account of FaZe, and announced that he won’t be playing for the roster from now.

In the statement, Olof stated that he wanted to take another break from the competitive scene and felt increasingly fatigued that caused him lost motivation to play the game. Also, he said that he will think about his future in this break.

Here is what Olofmeister said:

“To all my fans and FaZe fans,

I have decided to take a break from Counter-Strike. During the last period, I have felt increasingly fatigued and that I have been losing the motivation needed to do myself, my teammates, and the FaZe brand justice. I still love the game and the scene but I need to regain my motivation. I am going to take some time off to recuperate and think about my future. I want to thank FaZe and all of my fans for all the love and support.

We will meet again.”

Here is what Coldzera said to Olof:

Thanks for always being my inspiration on CS:GO. I hope you find your happiness in the same way I found mine. Thanks for giving me a chance to play on your side. I’ll always be here if you need something and if u want to come back we will be waiting for u. Thanks master.

His other teammate, Rain wrote:

Thank you Olofmeister for everything! Was a dream come true when you joined back in 2017 and have so many great memories in game and out of the game with you! No matter what you decide is next in life good luck brother.”

FaZe’s Niko said:

Thank you for everything Olofmeister, happy to call you a friend. Will always remember great memories and some of the sad ones we have shared together, but what a journey. Hopefully you will find your motivation back and come back to the scene, way too early to quit.”

You can check out the tweets below.


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