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FaZe Clan Bench Ubah From PUBG Roster



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Ivan Kapustin, known as “Ubah,” is a 26-year-old Russian PUBG player who had been playing for FaZe Clan since October 2018. Previously, he was playing for Natus Vincere. In his career, he earned over $300.000 from the events.

Yesterday, Faze Clan shared a new post on their official Twitter account and made an official announcement about their PUBG roster after they struggle to perform in the last tournaments.

In the announcement, FaZe Clan revealed that they decided to bench Ubah from the roster, which was really shocking because he is considered one of the best players in the world. Afterward, the organization thanked Ubah for everything he did for the team.

Here is the official announcement from FaZe Clan:

“FaZe PUBG: ubah has been moved to the bench and is open to explore his options as he remains under contract with FaZe Clan.

Thank you, ubah, for 2 and a half years of hard work and dedication to the team, and for your professionalism as we begin to trial for our 4th roster spot.”

You can check out the post below.

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