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FaZe Clan Call Of Duty Player Censor Shares His Emotional Moment With His Mother



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24-year-old American player Doug “Censor” Martin has been playing Call Of Duty for more than 5 years. In the past, he had played for teams like Complexity Gaming, Team Envy and more. Currently, he is a content creator for FaZe Clan. On 20 June, he tweeted that he gifted a new car for his mother she deserves.

Censor said:

“My mom sacrificed everything so that my sister and I can have a stable upbringing. She always put us first. Today I bought her a new SUV fully loaded. I’m crying tears of joy because finally she gets something long overdue that she deserves.”

FaZe Clan player ZooMaa replied:

“You’re the goat”

His sister Christina Martin said::

“Mom busted her ass for everything we have. I’m proud of you and I think what you are doing for mom is the sweetest thing ever! Love ya”

Censor replied:

“Wait until you see her car. It’s badass.”

His sister replied:

“I can’t wait!”

You can watch the video from here and check the tweets below.



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