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FaZe Clan Call Of Duty Player Skrapz Hates To Watch Call Of Duty



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Matthew Marshall, known as “Skrapz” is a 22-year-old British Call Of Duty player for FaZe Clan since May 2019. Before FaZe, he was playing for Red Reserve. On 2 July, he revealed that he hates to watch Call Of Duty.

Skrapz said:

“I hate watching cod Jesus, what was my brother doing in kitchen, what was zed doing sliding wide like that”

Team Reciprocity player Wuskin replied:

“I kept getting told to flank bro”

Skrapz said:

“Flank with a pistol ? Group up and trade Jesus”

Wuskin said:

“It’s easy to say when watching mate.”

Skrapz replied:

“I know that, I’m the worst at S&D I can’t shit shit lol but soon as zed planted should have got together then you just bait”


“1 weeks practice it’s bound to happen mate. Give it time my bro trust me”

You can read the tweets below.

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