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FaZe Clan CS:GO Coach YNk Explains The Differences Between LAN and Online Games



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Janko Paunović, known as “YNk,” is a 27-year-old Serbian CS:GO coach who has been working for FaZe Clan since January 2019. Before that, he was coaching for MIBR.

YNk has joined the conversation on Twitter and explained the reason why scrims are different than the LAN plays. He stated that in online games, the players are not stressed and they are playing without really thinking it. This is why it is so different play in LAN compared to online.

The conversation started with coach mithR:

“CS:GO and esports in general might be one of the only sports where we play entire games in order to “practice”. I’m sure there is more efficient ways to practice than that. The ESEA Refrag program introduction might just a step towards a more efficient way of training.”

Writer in, Striker replied:

“Sports don’t have the luxury of being able to practice anyone on the continent at any time.”

Another writer Professeur wrote:

“I think his point is completely different Let’s say your Inferno B site retakes suck and you want to fix them, you go in a practice match and due to how the opponents play you might actually not play a single B retake – and you wasted an hour of practice.”

Striker said:

“I know, but you still need more than an empty server for that = a real opponent who will react in a way a team would. I don’t think there’s any going around that, that will always be the best way to try things out properly without consequence.”

YNk replied:

“Well, another problem is with most teams you don’t get ‘real’ reactions, meaning in practice people react in ways they wouldn’t in a match, especially a LAN game. There is even significant difference with online officials and LAN officials with some teams/players.

You can run something 5 times in practice and it seems fine and then you play a tier 1 team on LAN and you get exploited in a way you haven’t seen at all. And you can only focus on 1 area so much, there are a lot of things to practice on at any given time.”

You can read the conversation below.

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