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FaZe Clan CS:GO Coach YNk Reveals The Best Aspect Ratio



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Janko Paunović, known as “YNk,” is a 27-year-old Serbian CS:GO coach who has been working for FaZe Clan for over one year. Before that, he was working for MIBR since August 2018.

YNk has replied to a tweet of famous analyst Thorin and revealed the best aspect ratio in the game. He stated that it’s easier to see in the 4:3 stretched aspect ratio and unveiled that most of the professional players are playing with 1280×960 resolution.

Here is what Thorin wrote:

“That top pros in CS:GO still use lower res, relative to modern tech, shows how important feel of the engine is. In 1.6 it was famous for some pros to use 640×480, even though it was worse for the AWP scope and certain fringe scenarios, cos it felt the most pure.”

YNk replied:

“Bigger factor is playing on stretched res since it makes it easier to see the models, think there are few players left who play black bars or lower full-screen res, think most play native or 1280×960 stretched.”

A fan user named Kai added this comment:

“True, most of the players who still played BB a year ago also switched to stretched. Just feels like you have an advantage while you’re playing stretched.”

Another fan named Renan replied:

“I only play black bars because of the sensitivity feel. On stretched it feels like I have to move the mouse more horizontally to reach places than on black bars. 16:10 and 16:9 feels good too, but the fps drops a little bit.”

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