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FaZe Clan CS:GO Coach YNk Shares His Opinion About The Team’s Future



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Janko Paunović, known as “YNk” is a 27-year-old Serbian CS:GO coach who has been working for FaZe Clan since January 2019. Before that, he was coaching for MIBR. In between 2016-2018, he was an analyst and he was working with the Room On Fire.

On 13 December, after their loss against Team Liquid at the Blast Pro Series, he revealed his thoughts about their perform in 2019 and what is next for the future.

YNk said:

“Lost 2:1 to Liquid and we are out, gg! Felt like we could’ve won Mirage but lost both pistols and a couple of big clutches. Playing the stand off tomorrow but this is essentially the end of the season for us…”

He added:

“It was a very turbulent year, lots of roster problems, lots of failures too but with this lineup we do feel the future is bright! We showed some great CS when we played our A game but need to work on consistency and raising our “floor” for next year.”

YNk lastly said:

“Big thanks to all the fans who stuck with us through the year, we know it hasn’t been easy but you WILL have more to cheer for in 2020!”

CS:GO Manager of MIBR, ricsini replied:

“Guerreiro, hope to see u next year!!!”

YNk replied:

“Always brother <3”

ricsini said:

“I meant “if u get to next year”, the final of 2019 can be rough for some of us.”


“Hahahahaha, now I get it, hope so too bro but can’t promise you anything, You might need to look for a new coach as well”

You can read the tweets eblow.

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