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FaZe Clan CS:GO Coach YNk Shares His Opinion About The Tournaments Schedule



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Janko Paunović, known as “YNk” is a 27-year-old Serbian CS:GO coach who has been working for FaZe Clan since January 2019. Before that, he was coaching for MIBR. Between 2016 and 2018, he was an analyst and he was working with Room On Fire.

On 2 December, YNk replied to the former player SPUNJ’s tweet and shared his opinion about the mixed schedule.

The conversation started with Team Liquid’s General Manager.

General Manager of Team Liquid, Steve Perino said:

“Looks like we will be landing in Odense about an hour before our match.. What could go wrong”

Founder of ENCE, natu replied:

“How’s this a thing in today’s professional CS?”

Former player SPUNJ replied:

“I think what happened was both teams agreed to play both tournaments”

YNk said:

“You can’t put this simply on the teams, what are they supposed to do, pull out? It’s finals of leagues/circuits you’ve invested a good amount of time to play already and there is a lot of prestige+money involved, in reality it needs to be scheduled better”

He added:

“Otherwise you will have teams skip a league altogether just because of a potential scheduling conflict at the end of it which sounds a bit silly tbh but is a real issue for e.g next year and planning your schedule as a team”

SPUNJ said:

“I agree it’s not ideal. But using MIBR as an example, the qualified for EPL on the 10th of Oct and ECS on the 31st. That’s over a month of being aware of what they had signed up for and now they complain on social media.”

YNk replied:

“How long they’ve known about it doesn’t really change the ridiculousness of it imo, would it make any difference if they complained right after qualifying? It shouldn’t be happening in the first place and I can’t really blame people for taking to social media on this one”

You can check the tweets below.

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