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FaZe Clan CS:GO Player Bymas Explains Why Can’t Frag These Days



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Aurimas Pipiras, known as “Bymas,” is a 16-year-old Lithuanian CS:GO player who has been on a trial for over a month on FaZe Clan and representing the team pretty well.

Bymas took his official Twitter account to explain why he can’t be fragging in the games these days and surprised the fans. He stated that it is impossible to play when it is over 30 degrees inside the house because he is sweating a lot and couldn’t hold the mouse properly.

Here is what Bymas said:

“Literally fucking impossible to play when its 30+ degrees with no ac in the room, the full sweaty mouse I don’t know fuck this.”

A fan named Dylan replied:

“You can just buy a fan? It’s not gonna be as effective but its always something.”

Another fan named James wrote:

“GG man. Time to get revenge tomorrow?”

You can read his tweet below.

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