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FaZe Clan CS:GO Player Coldzera Confirms That They Added A New IGL For The Roster



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Marcelo Augusto David, known as “Coldzera,” is a 26-year-old Brazilian CS:GO player who had played for teams like SK Gaming, MIBR, and many more. Since September 2019, he has been playing for FaZe Clan.

For a while, former FaZe Clan player Karrigan, who is now benched on Mousesports, is being rumored to be transferred to FaZe Clan, and Coldzera’s new statement on a recent interview with might confirm it.

Even though Coldzera didn’t give any information about who is their new in-game leader, he confirmed that they agreed with a player from now but it seems like they are waiting for some paperwork to play together probably.

Interviewer asked:

“In the recent interview that I conducted with him[Twistzz], he said that he requires a lot of freedom to play at his best level. Will he have that kind of freedom in FaZe?”

Coldzera replied:

“For sure, he will have that with me, but I don’t know how it’s going to be with the next captain [laughs]. He will have a lot of freedom, yes, he will take the main positions on the maps, which used to be NiKo’s positions.

This will be good because his aim is very good and he’s very smart. He’s also someone who is actively looking for plays, so he will help in that regard as well. I agree that he needs a lot freedom because he’s a very good player and he makes the difference when he’s playing well.”

Interviewer asked:

“In the past, it was clear that NiKo was at times unhappy with the lack of resources to build a top contender. Now, you are the centrepiece of the team. Are you going to be able to build the team that you want?”

Coldzera responded:

“I think that’s very hard to say… the team that I want. I picked the two new players, spoke with them and they agreed to come. Our expectations for the team are very high. In the team that we are going to have, everyone will have roles that they enjoy, so that will really help the team, also from a psychological point of view.

I think that when I joined the team, it was still quite a mess. I think the team wasn’t clicking, I think there were roles in which I would have been more useful, and the same goes for other players. Players were not really comfortable, and when you have players who are taking roles or spots in which they aren’t comfortable… you’ll have some people playing at 50 percent and some people playing at 100 percent.

I think a team cannot work well that way. As soon as we add our new in-game leader, everyone will play the positions they like to play and everyone will be comfortable. This will improve the way that the team works. Everyone is happy with our results in practice.”

He added:

“Even though we might perform below expectations in this tournament, I can assure that with our new captain, expectations will be very high. We are really well prepared, we are practising every day, working really hard, and we really want to show the world again that we can be at the top.

We are also looking for a psychologist, who will be joining us soon. We want to build a team where everyone is united and really get back to the top. Now we have BLAST coming up, and we will try to give our best. We are comfortable playing with Twistzz, even though we haven’t practised much with him. A lot of things are changing, and I feel excitement in the team.

Now, with the addition of Twistzz and the new in-game leader… We will take roles that we enjoy and in which we want to play. So no more excuses, right? Now we will play in positions in which we are comfortable, we will be able to play at 100 per cent and it’s now in our hands to prove what we can achieve. So we are very excited, with really high expectations as a team. I feel that this will be a very good year for us.”

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