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FaZe Clan CS:GO Player Karrigan: “I Don’t Know If I Could Reach The Goals With The Young Guys In Mousesports”



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Finn Andersen, known as “Karrigan,” is a 30-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been playing under FaZe Clan jersey for over two weeks. Before that, he had been playing for Mousesports, FaZe Clan, Astralis, and more.

Karrigan spoke in a recent interview with and talked about the reason behind his decision to leave Mousesports and return to FaZe Clan while comparing the differences between the rosters.

In the conversation, Karrigan mentioned that Mousesports is the organization that put its fate to the young talents instead of buying the world-class player and said that he decided to play with the experienced players in FaZe Clan instead of playing with the young talents in Mousesports because he didn’t know if they could reach the goals with the young players.

Here is what Karrigan said:

“Coming into January, it was really tough to decide if I wanted to stay with mousesports or not. Also, mouz is not an organisation that will go out and buy a super expensive player if that is needed for the team to be the number 1.

They are known for getting young players and trying to make them perform at a high level. Obviously, ropz is a wonderful story of how that worked out, he became the best player in the world in my opinion, as a rifler.

I had other offers, but they didn’t sound as interesting as staying in mouz or joining FaZe. In the end, I chose experience over young players. I don’t know if I could reach the goals with the young guys in mousesports.

FaZe is an organisation that I trust. I enjoyed my time back then with the people around the organisation. I felt that the players in the lineup needed a big voice to come back to the top.”

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